Gouden Carolus Blaasveld Broek peated 46% 50cl

Gouden Carolus Blaasveld Broek peated 46% 50cl


Blaasveld Broek refers to the wonderful nature reserve Het Broek next to the Molenberg Distillery in Blaasveld. Peat was extracted there for centuries, which at the time was mainly used by the locals as fuel and also for drying out malted barley.

This taste expression adds a new chapter to the local tradition of peat extraction. Gouden Carolus Blaasveld Broek is distilled using a specially prepared wash containing peated malt. This results in a yellow gold whisky with a touch of mellow smokiness, combined with full-bodied aromas of oak and vanilla.


Tasting Notes :

Nose: Fruit, vanilla and a touch of peat 20 PPM

Palate: Full and balanced; notes of wood, vanilla and a hint of smokiness


Country : Belgium

Distillery : Het Anker

Alcohol by volume : 46%

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