Benriach Smoke Season 0,7l 52,8%

Benriach Smoke Season 0,7l 52,8%


Smoke Season is a special time of year in the distillery’s calendar, and this new addition gives both the whisky novice and connoisseur the opportunity to discover the uniquely rich, sweet and smoky character of Benriach single malt, crafted in Speyside, a whisky-making region rarely associated with peated malt.


Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Burnished gold

Nose: Caramel smoke, oak spice, citrus peel

Palate: Smoked dark vanilla, seared apple, and cinnamon with lingering charred orange 

Finish: sweet and smoky finished


Land: Scotland, Speyside

Distillery: BenRiach

Alcohol by volume: 52,8%

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