Springbank 21y 2023 release 46% 70cl

Springbank 21y 2023 release 46% 70cl

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With its warm golden glow, our 21-year-old is inviting, creamy and offers unbelievable complexity. The maritime influences uncovered in this single malt will take you on a journey to its Campbeltown home.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Notes of citrus zest, pineapple upside-down cake and fudge introduce this year’s Springbank 21 year old. There is a savoury element in the notes of baked gam and tomato vine leaves, with subtle peat smoke coming through on the nose.

Palate: A tropical influence comes through on the palate in the notes of ripe mango, dried coconut and papaya, opening up to notes of liquorice, cola syrup, digestive biscuits, honey and a slight earthiness.

Finish: A long finish with notes of orange zest, campfire embers and caramel.


Land: Scotland, Campbeltown

Distillery: Springbank

Alcohol by volume: 46%