Amuerte Black Coca Leaf Gin 43% 70cl

Amuerte Black Coca Leaf Gin 43% 70cl

25 % remise

The botanical plants used for this edition, apart from Peruvian coca leaves, are: cardamom, coriander, finger lime and Sichuan pepper. These ingredients provide a pleasant feeling of balsamic freshness. Everything is presented in an elegant, hand-designed bottle finished with real 24-carat gold leaf. This is probably the most exclusive bottle any gin lover can have.

Amuerte Black Gin redefines the standards. The classic botanical ingredients of gin are distilled and then refined with Peruvian coca leaves, dragon fruit, tamarillo, papaya, Peruvian physalis and orange peel.


Tasting Notes :

Nose : Fresh and fruity

Palate : aromas of ripe pineapple, dragon fruit and passion fruit, this makes a person happy! 

Finish: a pleasant feeling of balsamic freshness


Land : Belgium

Distillery: Amuerte

Alcohol by volume: 43%

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