Kilkerran 16y 46% 70cl

Kilkerran 16y 46% 70cl

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Single malt from Kilkerran distillery, aged for 16 years in bourbon casks. The result is a bright and complex whisky with a beautiful sweetness and gentle peat. 


Tasting Notes:

Nose : Initially delicate with herbal and citrus characteristics before opening up to reveal brighter and zestier notes with orange peel and tart lemon meringue pie. There is also a creamy, nutty aroma which develops over time and a hint of tropical pineapple. A fleeting briny component reminds you that this is definitely a Campbeltown Single Malt.

Palate : The palate reveals layers of complex flavours. Cereal and malt notes are present alongside soft dry peat smoke, herbs, black pepper and tones of sandalwood and beeswax. The bourbon maturation allows a fragrant aniseed note to carry through from the spirit, which also lends a waxy texture to the dram.

Finish : The dry and ashy peat smoke influence continues as does the deep-rooted coastal brine. Overall this is a bright and complex whisky that is not overly sweetened from the bourbon maturation. It is fragrant, grassy and gently peated.


Land: Scotland, Campbeltown

Distillery: Kilkerran

Alcohol by volume: 46%