JM Rhum Epices Creoles  46% 70cl

JM Rhum Epices Creoles 46% 70cl

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This is the 3rd rum from the “L’atelier des rhums” collection following “Fumée volcanique” and “Jardin fruité”.
This should be one of the spiciest aged Agricole rums in the French West Indies”.
This rum is primarily intended for cocktails.
The blend is composed of rums aged in French and American oak barrels. These new barrels have been specially toasted in order to release a maximum of spicy notes.


Tasting Notes 

Nose: very tropical profile, very exotic, full of fruit and spices. Among the layers of complexity in this rum, it is indeed the spice that dominates, with a generous and warm mix.

Palate: lively and vegetal, with a little acidity and tannins that awaken the palate. The cane is very present in the middle of the mouth, it is dressed in a cloud of fine and sparkling spices, always in a rather fresh and bright atmosphere.

Finish: greedy; the cane has turned into a spice-coloured sugar, like a jam.


Land: Martinique

Distillery : J.M. Distillery

Alcohol by volume : 46%

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