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A very interesting Japanese blended whisky. This whisky has a rather romantic name, a portmanteau of the words Yama and Sakura. Yama means mountain in Japanese, whilst Sakura is Japanese for cherry tree, so the title of this dram conjures up a peaceful scene of the Japanese landscape, shown on the bottle’s label.

The whisky is not distilled by Sasanokawa, but is a blend of four different malt whiskies, and a little grain to bind them together.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Orange blossom and subtle notes of earthy oak.

Palate: Fresh orchard fruit, salted-caramel-coated biscuit, greengages.

Finish: Medium length, rich in vanilla.


Land: Japan

Distillery: Sasanokawa Shuzo

Alcohol by volume: 40%

Yamazakura Blended Japanese Whisky 40% 70cl

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