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Wijnen in de Kijker gekozen door de sommelier

González Byass presents Uncle Pepe Fino in Rama 2019, a jewel of very limited elaboration that arrives, like every year, in the spring. In this season life, light and joy take the foundational nucleus of the Bodega de La Constancia. It is the moment in which Antonio Flores, oenologist of the house of Tío Pepe, selects those boots that stand out for their unique organoleptic characteristics. The moment in which the new one draws from this Fino in Rama, which has not been subjected to the usual processes of clarification and filtration, sees the light.

After a dialogue between the winemaker and the winery, full of work, origin, wisdom and passion, 67 boots have been chosen for the tenth edition of this Fino en Rama. Custodiadas by the stillness of the Bodega de La Constancia, are boots that reflect the Terroirde Macharnudo and Carrascal, in an intense and elegant way, and that have retained a forceful and thick veil of flower giving it all the character and style of Tío Pepe, cultural icon alive and legacy of a Wine Family founded in 1835.

Tasting notes:

Nose : Fresh as ever, with an emphasis on cellar notes (chalk, sandy floors) as well as bread dough, hay and a light heady top note

Palate : A tad less wild on the palate, more citrus freshness, coastal brine en lightly bitter herbs. A very harmonious edition this year.

Finish : The character of the Macharnudo area is reflected in the saltiness of the wine, which is also elegantly bitter on the finish

Country : Spain

Distillery : Gonzalez byass

Alcohol by volume: 15%

Tio Pepe Fino En Rama Edition 2019 75cl

A perfect blend of three wines: a dry and crisp Fino sherry, a floral and sweet Moscatel and a lively and fruity Tintilla de Rota wine, aged under the watchful and expert eye of Sergio Martínez, Lustau Cellar Master.

Fernando Pérez, Lustau Master Blender, is responsible for the selection of the base wines and the creative combination of botanicals and fruits that contribute to build the unique personality of this vermouth.

Wormwood, cardamom, chamomile, vanilla and nutmeg stand out in the selection. Each botanical macerates separately for optimal aroma extraction. The master blender then expertly co

The resulting vermouth has an attractive and delicate pink orange colour. Full of floral and herbaceous notes that mingle with fruity and spiced scents on the nose. Seductive wild strawberry, orange blossom and patisserie aromas with a subtle nutty background. On the palate, the spiced and herbaceous notes are followed by a comforting sweetness that leaves a delicious silky sensation.

Lustau Vermut Rosé can be consumed on the rocks or with your favourite tonic water. Try adding a slice of pink grapefruit to enhance the fruit. Perfect for aperitif or as an afternoon drink.

Lustau Vermut rose 75 cl 15%   Glass Giftpack

Sorgin  is a Basque word describing the 'sorcerers', those able to keep their good mood and energy through the night. Created by world-renowned winemakers and Sauvignon Blanc specialists, François Lurton and Sabine Jaren, this Gin typifies the characteristic aromatic notes of the variety. Sauvignon wine distillate, juniper distillate and selected botanicals (lemon, lime, grapefruit, violet, broom and blackcurrant buds) give this Gin an expression like no other and great freshness.

Tasting Notes :

Nose: Juniper and Sauvignon Blanc. Herbal Notes. 

Palate: Lemon, lime, grapefruit, violet  

Finish: Overall great freshness

Country : France

Distillery : Sorgin – Francois Lurton

Alcohol by volume : 43%

Sorgin Sauvignon yellow gin 43% 70cl
Slechts 3 in voorraad

This is a limited edition of Douglas Laing’s Big Peat blended malt, made exclusively with wiskies distilled on the isle of Islay , released in celebration of Fèis Ile 2018. It’s bottled at 48% ABV (slightly stronger than the original Big peat).

Tasting Notes :

Appearance: Amber

Nose: Oily peat with a crackle of cinnamon bark underneath. Buttery at points.  

Palate: seaweed, oatcakes, demerara sugar and Frazzles.  

Finish: Scoot, meaty malt, sea salt and a slight hint of grilled lemon.

Country : Scotland, Islay

Distillery : Douglas laing

Alcohol by volume : 48%

Big Peat Feis Ile 2019 70cl 48% Lim Edition
Slechts 2 in voorraad


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