Ti Arranges Rhum Ananas caramel Beurre sale 70cl 32%

Ti Arranges Rhum Ananas caramel Beurre sale 70cl 32%

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Made with an agricultural rum AOC Martinique aged part for eighteen months in barrels in Sauternes and the other for twenty-four months in barrels of cognac, the elixir is then embellished with the addition of a salted butter caramel created by a craftsman and the addition of pineapple Victoria.


Tasting Notes 

Appearance : intense yellow, some mahogany reflections.

Nose: aromas of vanilla and spices. From the beginning, with notes of brioche butter.

Palate: pineapple flavors, fruit flavors, final powerful, with hints of spice and caramel, but also roasted pineapple.


Land: Martinique

Distillery : Les Rhums de Ced

Alcohol by volume : 32%

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