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An authentic Caribbean legend, our flagship Original Bumbu is blended from fine Barbados rum and hand-selected spices that evoke the rich and colorful history of the West Indies. Bumbu reveals its heritage and craftsmanship with every sip.


Tasting Notes :

Appearance :  Chestnut gold

Nose: Caramel, vanilla and a hint of oak.

Palate: Chocolate, banana with notes of cinnamon throughout.

Finish: Smooth, sweet and light.


Land: Barbados

Distillery : The Bumbu Rum Company

Alcohol by volume : 35%

Bumbu The original Rum 35% 70cl

Longueteau Cuvée Solidaire Pour La Passion des Chefs is an agricultural rum from Guadeloupe. This cuvée was born during the Covid 19 epidemic, which severely affected restaurateurs, as well as the medical community. Longueteau wanted to get involved in the French Kitchen Festival, during which 45 establishments (restaurants and bars) offered meals and cocktails to caregivers.

The BELGIAN edition (2,500 bottles) For each bottle purchased, we donate 3 euros to an association for the support of gastronomy and bar, in the respective countries. For decades we have been committed to our chefs, for fairer gastronomy, closer to the land and to people. These chefs have been able to enhance and showcase our rums through their cuisines and their cocktails. In the current crisis we could not remain insensitive to their difficulties, and with our modest contribution we hope to be able to find some of the missing pieces of the moment. We want to help, but we also want to give thanks. So with these 90,000 € we will finance with the chefs more than 1,500 meals and/or cocktails that we will offer to the nursing staff in the different countries or islands that we mentioned above. We hope you will enjoy sharing our passion as much as we do. We are aware that this is only a small piece of the puzzle. Living on an island like Guadeloupe, the horizon often seems accessible, but it is by looking beyond that we can fulfill our greatest dreams.

Selected to express the expression of an exceptional terroir, Longueteau offers us here a rum distilled from the juice of its canes grown on plot no. 4, its famous blue canes.

Tasting Notes 

Nose: Bright aromas and flavors of fresh meringue, powdered sugar, cucumber and cane stalk

Palate: supple, fruity-yet-dry medium-full body 

Finish: long, tingling pepper, sweet cream, and wet stone accented finish


Land: Guadeloupe

Distillery : Longueteau

Alcohol by volume : 50%

Longueteau Blanc Cuvee Solidaire Belgium 50% 70cl.

The Story :

HM Victualling Yard, Deptford was a Royal Navy Victualling (pronounced “vitalling”) Yard established alongside the Deptford Royal Dockyard which was founded in 1513 by Henry VIII. Located on the “deep ford” of the Rivers Ravensbourne and Thames, it served as the principal Royal Navy dockyard for three hundred years and became the Victualling Board's main spirit depot in 1742. Previously known as the “Red House”, the 11-acre site with its wharf, factories and red brick warehouses was leased from the Sayes Court Estate by the Board and by the end of the eighteenth century morphed into the largest food processing operation in Britain, meeting not only its own requirements but also those of fleets of vessels anchored at Woolrich, Sheerness, Chatham and in the Nore. Deptford was also charged with provisioning victualling yards located in foreign stations with consumables ranging from rum, chocolate, biscuits, meat, candles, tobacco, and clothing, as well as some non-consumables like medical supplies.

The Navy blended prodigious amounts of rum within the compound. Although historical reports vary, the Yard’s warehouse grew to accommodate between 30 and 32 storage vats ranging in size from 4,600 to almost 33,000 gallons in specially constructed buildings, with a total capacity estimated to be 250 thousand gallons of rum. Historians generally agree that barreled bulk rum procured by the Government from its Colonial distillers was at 40 degrees above proof and was emptied into the storage (also called “starting”) vats; others were called “issuing” vats kept at 4.5% under proof, or the equivalent of 54.5% ABV. Once delivered to the depot, the overproof product spent two years flowing from the open vats where it would “ripe, mellow and age” before it was poured-off from the issuing vats for shipment to the Fleet. A labor force of 50 on-site coopers manufactured 30,000 barrels a year to facilitate the dispatch. While little is known about early Admiralty specifications, “the blend” was done “in such proportion as experience had shown was preferred by the men.”

Whether by design or luck, the final distillate issued by the master blenders at Deptford became known throughout the Royal Navy as “The Pusser’s Rum” (a corruption of the word “Purser”) and became highly regarded by the Fleet and by those civilians fortunate enough to garner a taste. To commemorate the 52nd Anniversary of Black Tot Day, Pusser’s Rum has released its limited-edition Deptford Dockyard Reserve at Navy proof, featuring a blend of aged, high-ester distillates from Caribbean countries in Great Britain’s Colonial past—Guyana (Demerara), Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica. There are many fond memories of this historic Dockyard: The knighting of Frances Drake after his voyage around the world on Golden Hind; several visits by Peter of Great; and the legend of the knighting of Sir Walter Raleigh after laying his cloak before Elizabeth’s feet. We ask that you lift your glass high hoping that the contents of this unique Deptford Dockyard Reserve will bring back an equally fond memory of this Depot’s historical past.

This Bottling : To commemorate the 52nd anniversary of Black Tot Day, Pusser’s introduces its limited-edition Deptford Dockyard Reserve at Navy proof, featuring a blend of aged, high-ester distillates from Caribbean countries in Great Britain’s naval past.

ORIGIN: Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica

Tasting Notes :

COLOR: Tawny

NOSE: New leather, Toffee, Raisin / Dates and Dark Chocolate

BODY: Medium

FINISH: Christmas spices and dried fruit with a suggestion of sea salt that leads to a satisfying and dry Sherry finish.

Distillery : Pusser’s

Alcohol by volume : 54,5%



Pusser s Rum Deptford Dockyard reserve 2022 54,5% 70cl
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Caol Ila is one of Fabio Rossi's favorite distilleries and with this bottling he brings out something very special. It is a combination of a virgin American oak barrel with two bourbon barrels. It gives the whisky a wonderful balance between juiciness, freshness and warming and deep Islay character.

The virgin oak barrel had number 322398, the bourbon barrels 322406 and 322407. The marriage of these three barrels led to 825 bottles at bottling in 2020 with a cask strength of 54.5%.


Color: gold.

Nose: less maritime than expected with aromas of wood smoke, tar, glowing barbecue, ripe citrus fruit and juicy oak.

Palate: Notes of coniferous forest, peat smoke, licorice and sweet butter lead to a long and creamy finish with notes of vanilla, ash and peat.

Land: Scotland, Islay

Distillery: Caol Ila 

Alcohol by volume: 54,5%


Caol Ila 2008 12y Quercus Alba cask Wilson  en  Morgan 54.5% 70cl
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