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ICHIRO’S MALT Double Distilleries 2021 CHICHIBU × KOMAGATAKE 53,5%

Quantity limited to 1 bottle(s) by client.

A joint project started with the hope that Japan could also trade casks, which is common practice in Scotland, the birthplace of whiskey. Chichibu and Mars started their joint bottling project in 2015. The very first exchange therefore took place in the utmost secrecy 6 years ago and the exchanged barrels were stored for aging in their respective cellars. This is the first initiative of the Japanese whiskey industry: to market blended malt whiskey, which is made by combining malt whiskey aged in the regions of each of the distilleries. This collaboration has therefore given birth to two 100% Japanese blended malts presented jointly by Kasuto Hombo and Ichiro Akuto, with Venture Whiskey the “Ichiro's Malt Double Distilleries 2021 Chichibu X Komagatake” and for Hombo Shuzo the “Mars Whiskey Malt Duo Komagatake X Chichibu 2021”. Explore the possibilities of Japanese whiskey and cross the borders of distilleries to discover delicious whiskeys.

With the ICHIRO'S MALT Double Distilleries 2021 CHICHIBU × KOMAGATAKE, discover the uniqueness of the Chichibu and Komagatake styles, harmonized together to perfection. Experience the sweetness and subtlety through an ocean of fruity aroma. The palate is gently invaded by a wave of flavors bringing complexity and smoothness. A light reduction with a drop of water will provide a voluptuous and delicate texture.

Limited edition worldwide highly sought after by collectors and whisky fans.


Land: Japan

Distilleries: Chichibu and Komagatake

Alcohol by volume: 53,5%

Chichibu Distillery Ichiro s Malt - Double Distilleries 2021  53.5%  70cl
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As its name suggests, Ichiro's Malt Double Distilleries is a blend of single malts from two well-marked styles distilleries, the now closed Hanyu and Chichibu.

Founded in 2007 by Ichiro Akuto, the latter is known for its incredible mature whiskies, while the Hanyu distillery founded in 1941 by Isouji Akuto, grandfather Ichiro Akuto, whose remaining barrels are now stored in Chichibu. Hanyu was known for its high-quality whiskies expressing intense woody aromas. The wedding between the different single malts is completely successful, and the flavor profile is surprisingly complex and depth.

Non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% of volume, Double Distilleries has a soft and round texture highlighted by woody and spicy flavors, very enjoyable for novice and very intriguing for connoisseurs.

 Product limited to 1 bottles per order.


Land: Japan

Distilleries: Hanyu and Chichibu

Alcohol by volume: 40%


Ichiro s Malt - Double Distileries 46.5%  70cl
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Monkey Shoulder is a blended Scotch whiskey obtained by blending three Single Malt from three famous distilleries in Dufftown, Speyside, Scotland: Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie.


Tasting Notes:

Nose: elegant hints of jam, Catalan cream, malt, vanilla and spices, with a slight hint of cocoa.

Palate:  creamy, with evident notes of malt, berries, caramel, honey and cloves.

Finish: sweet, with more nuts and oranges.


Land: Scotland

Distillery: W. Grant

Alcohol by volume: 40%

Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 40% 70cl


Lagavulin 8 Year Old is a single malt whisky from the island of Islay, Scotland. The distillery bottled it for the first time on its 200th anniversary in 2016. 


Tasting Notes:

Appearance: light-gold

Nose: Soft and fresh with milk chocolate and citrus. In the background, maritime and slightly smoky with cereals.

Palate:  Warming, sweet and smoky with sharp notes. Then dry with more smoke.

Finish: long, with smoky notes, chocolate.


Land: Scotland, Islay

Distillery: Lagavullin

Alcohol by volume: 48%

Lagavullin 8 years 48% 70cl


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